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Hit the ground running!

Hit The Ground Running

Hit the ground running!

Sure we have all heard of food as medicine, but what about our sneakers? As a sports podiatrist who has done countless running and triathlon events, I know first hand the value of a good running shoe.

Have you ever said at mile 10 of your 20 mile long run, “I need new shoes!” Unfortunately, this is quite common and usually overlooked. Most of my day consists of discussing foot type, lower extremity biomechanics, injury and shoes. I hear questions all day such as, do I need more or less support? More or less cushion? Do I need a 10mm or 2mm drop? Do I need more arch support? These questions are standard in the running community and should not be taken lightly. As we all know, running with foot pain is not ideal, and not running at all is even worse. So, please join me in this series of articles on the latest and greatest in running shoe gear, form, mechanics discussions and everything else you wanted to know about running injuries, but found yourself in the wrong doctors office. Lets put an end to the pain once and for all!

Happy Running!
Dr. Dan Geller

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