Laser Nail Treatment

Laser Nail Treatment

Laser Nail Treatment services offered in Westlake Village, CA

About 10% of adults experience toenail fungus, and by age 70, more than 50% of adults have this frustrating nail issue. At the office of Dr. Daniel Geller, offices are equipped with a state-of-the-art laser system that can effectively treat nail fungus without surgery or side effects.  The office also uses topical medications, as well as oral medication when necessary.  Call the office or book your appointment online today. 

Laser Nail Treatment Q & A

What does nail fungus look like?

Typical signs of a nail fungus are:

  • White or yellow spots on a nail
  • Nail discoloration (white, yellow, dark, or a greenish color)
  • Crumbling nail 
  • Nail flaking 
  • Ragged nail edges
  • Nail cracking
  • Nail thickening
  • Nail lifting at the end of the nail bed

Nail fungus may also smell bad. 

Why won’t my nail fungus clear up?

Nail fungus tends to be tenacious, so you may have been living with symptoms of a fungal infection for a long time.

Toenails have multiple layers, as does the skin beneath them. The fungus spreads easily through all of these layers. Nail fungus may also affect the nail matrix, the nail’s growth center. If that happens, new nail growth is also affected by the fungus, making it seem like a never-ending cycle. 

Fungal organisms thrive in dark, damp, environments, like your shoes, so they can easily infect the whole nail and nearby nails. Also, your toes don’t have as much blood flow as other parts of your body, so it can be hard for your body to fight off the infection naturally. 

All of this means that once you have a nail fungus, it’s hard to clear it. But with treatment targeted to the source of the fungus, you can eliminate the infection and prevent its return.

At the office of Dr. Daniel Geller, the team offers the most innovative and effective solution for nail fungus: laser nail treatment. 

What is laser nail treatment?

Laser nail treatment uses laser light to treat fungal organisms living inside and underneath toenails. The laser light penetrates the fungal nail to go straight into the infected area, where the light turns into heat. 

The heat breaks down and destroys the fungus without damaging healthy tissue. The laser also sterilizes the affected area to prevent the fungus from returning.

How does laser nail treatment compare to other options?

Laser nail treatment is the most targeted and effective nail fungus treatment available. Other methods, like topical antifungal lacquers and creams, may fail to reach the source of the infection beneath the nail. 

Oral antifungal drugs can destroy the nail fungus, but they can take a long time to work. Plus, antifungal drugs affect the entire body, not just the nail, so they may have significant side effects, including liver damage. 

If you have a fungal nail, call the office of Dr. Daniel Geller or book your appointment online today.